About Us

To address needs through greater participation in and contribution to a better quality of life for our multicultural society.

Our Mission

We commit to bringing together people of different cultural backgrounds working in a spirit of friendship

Our Values

Show Respect

by treating all people with dignity, valuing diversity and utilising knowledge from shared experience

Foster Team

through collaboration and participation to sustain a positive culture in the achievement of common goals

Create Quality

and seek excellence in all areas through continuous quality improvement

Create Opportunity

through organisational strength and by increasing the range and depth of our service delivery

Community Partnerships

Through building on community goodwill to facilitate sustainable supports

You can download our Strategic plan here

Social Justice

by supporting equality of access and participation for all.

Our Goals

  • Our programs reach people and communities to support individual and family journeys

  • Our people develop knowledge and potential

  • Our Organisation builds high quality and sustainable options for the future

  • Our Programs

    TMSG programs are developed to meet the needs of the people we serve More people are accessing new as well as expanded TMSG programs Participants connect easily to programs, both with TMSG and other community services TMSG builds and utilises its research and knowledge base to inform program development

    Our People

    TMSG has the right people with the right skills in the right roles TMSGs clients, staff, volunteers and members feel highly valued TMSG staff, volunteers and students are continually developing their knowledge, skills and abilities TMSG practises effective and respectful communication

    Our Organisation

    TMSG builds organisational systems to ensure people and programs can achieve their best TMSG is ensuring long-term sustainability by considering partnerships that may increase its ability to achieve its vision TMSG has strong quality management, financial and governance structures