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Manager's Report

The time of writing the annual report is primarily a reflective time to guage if our considered professional achievements retain an authenticity in upholding human rights and justice in all we do. This is the challenge that all of the team of TMSG face…particularly when we are working within the confines of funding and contractual obligations and time constraints. All of the members of the staff team-permanent, casual, part-time work very very hard and I know they do so with great integrity of purpose.

I acknowledge the courage and the lessons that our members and clients groups provide us in keeping us honest to the Mission of TMSG. I am aware that at times we may have not met your expectations, we may have disappointed you. But I also know that we are open to feedback and are constantly checking ourselves to improve our work standards and thank you for your patience in that process. I thank all members of the TMSG Management Committee for your commitment to monthly meetings, for the prompt and ready responses to emails (sometimes voluminous) from me requesting endorsement of either practice or policy or requesting advice.

The President of the Management Committee provides ongoing wise and supportive counsel individually and at Team meetings. Sheila also does many practical tasks around the building to maintain a pleasant working atmosphere. Thank you to Fred who in his busy schedule finds time to attend the weekly team meeting and has great insight and experienced suggestions that I really value.

TMSG has continued extending networks and collaborative partnerships with an increasing range of services within Townsville, in Queensland and Nationally. This is very encouraging.(refer Appendix and Acknowledgements)

Our regular volunteers on Friday...Pat Harring and Mary Messer for English and Maureen Hurst for Sewing are very much a part of the TMSG family and we thank you for your tireless dedicated enthusiasm. In the current year, we welcome Marie Aitken to this indomitable force of women.

I want to say particular thank you to Isireli Naborisi who apart from faithfully turning up every Friday to do the driving, always responds to requests for general tasks around TMSG such as nailing certificates to the walls, moving furniture, juggling bookshelves.

Chris Blyth who attends to our computer network and IT system is a genuine computer geek and we just totally depend on him. Thank you Chris.

Sheila has noted the farewells of staff this year …we have indeed felt a real sense of loss of valuable personnel this year.

A special note of gratitude to Dr. Betty McLellan for her support to Refugees as the counselor for torture and trauma and who makes herself available for facilitating TMSG Review Days and any supervision or groups requested of her.

I make special mention of Loma Tonnochy who coordinated the volunteer Migrant and Refugee Support for St Vincent De Paul Society for many years. We welcome Brian Headford to this role in the current year.


An overview of the active programmes throughout the year, provides some insight into the highlights and challenges 2008-2009. Please note that details of ethnic origin and details of specific support in client support programs are not published to protect client confidentiality.