Red Cross “Life in Australia” Podcast

Life in Australia is a podcast from Australian Red Cross that’s full of advice and information for young refugees who’ve recently arrived in Australia.
In each episode, a group of young refugees are brought together to talk about their experiences share stories and give advice about starting a new life in Australia. Topics covered include everything from housing, education and work to relationships and healthy living.
Life in Australia is available in both English and Farsi versions and can be downloaded for free from iTunes and SoundCloud. Plans are underway to further develop the podcast into Tamil and Hazaragi.
If you work with newly arrived young people, please spread the news, share on social and let them know about Life in Australia. We hope these stories will connect with young people so they can feel less isolated in their transition to Australian life.
Find out more about the English version at and download from iTunes
For more about the Farsi version go to and download from iTunes

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