TMSG Safer Pathways for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Women Program

TMSG’s Safer Pathways for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Women Program is a domestic and family violence primary prevention program that explores how misinterpretations of human rights by men and women of CALD backgrounds influences women’s safety and settlement in Australia. Through this program TMSG supports CALD women and men that are experiencing, or at risk of, family and domestic violence or sexual assault, to be informed and to be able to access the support that they need to improve safer pathways for women and children.

Recently, the Safer Pathways Program spent two days providing intensive training on Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Children’s Rights and Domestic and Family Violence to 60 multicultural students studying in the Adult Migrant English program at TAFE North in Townsville. The students represented 23 different countries including Thailand, Mongolia, South Sudan and India and combined speak over 35 languages.

Delivered by our Community Human Rights Trainers Jacky, Uweza, Isse and Amy to women and men separately, the two-day program provided a safe space for women and men to learn about their human rights, engage in discussions around issues within their homes and communities and get information on support services in Townsville that they can access.

The Safer Pathways Program aims to contribute to positive settlement outcomes for refugees and migrants by providing clear and accurate information about Human Rights, domestic violence, the Australian laws and available support services. By building the capacity of multicultural communities to recognize and respond to domestic and family violence cases we are able to help CALD women living in Townsville that are experiencing, or are at risk of domestic and family violence to access the support they need.

Feedback from the program was very positive with participants stating:

“I found these sessions very useful, I feel good to know there are people I can talk to”
“It was important for me to learn about the domestic violence because in my country they do not talk about the domestic violence and how it can hurt the family”
“I am happy to learn about the Australian laws as I want to be a good citizen”
“very important for me to learn where to go if I need some help and that there are people just there to help you and your children”

TMSG is looking forward to running this training again at the TAFE!
Jacky, Rahmo and Amy

Jacky, Rahmo and Amy

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