Queensland Government Funded Programs



The Queensland Government provides funding for the following projects:
Community Action for a Multicultural Society (CAMS)


CAMS is a program funded by the Multicultural Affairs Queensland. It aims to advocate for the needs of new and emerging communities within government systems and to promote the benefits of multiculturalism.


CAMS focuses on community development and creates awareness with government departments of the needs of new and emerging communities. It also promotes the benefits of diversity and is intended to create strong links between new and emerging communities and Government Departments.


CAMS in the North Queensland regional area of Townsville has the overall focus of encouraging Government and Non-government services.


Priorities Areas to date are:


• Social planning and policy development


• Social action and group advocacy


• Coordination/Network Development


• Service/ sector support and development


• Community education


• Community/ cultural group development and support


• Development and convening of Cultural Diversity Network and North Queensland Multicultural Health Network to ensure inclusion of regional needs of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities in policy and planning and implementation strategies


• Promotion of regional needs through responding to consultations about policy documents to Government


• Concentration internally to develop culturally competent services within TMSG.
Bi Cultural Support Assistance Program


TMSG has partnered with The Multicultural Development Association (MDA)Brisbane in the delivery of support to Early Childhood Services. The program will include the provision of a state wide pool of cultural support workers and culturally appropriate information to ensure children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds can access early childhood services across Queensland


Eat Well and be active Community Partnerships Program


The program has been funded by the department of Communities for 12 months… delivery of healthy eating sessions in partnership with QLD Health and Health Educators “The 7 Natural Physicians”


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