Townsville Multicultural Support Group Inc. (TMSG) is a not for profit organization in the human services sector. TMSG welcomes every new refugee to NW Qld. and supports newly arrived migrants. Refugees and Migrants arrive with a great sense of hope and resilience
TMSG operates through three major teams that can be broadly stated as being:
1. Welcome
2. Settlement and
3.Community Engagement.
The Welcome team ensures a friendly culturally appropriate response at the front office and ensures smooth management of finance and administration.
The Settlement team supports refugees and migrantsĀ in their initial settlement and with access to major community services and access to education, employment, recreational support through information and referral for the first 5 years of being in Australia. The Community Engagement team includes workers focused on Community Action for a Multicultural Society- delivering programs in partnership with other community services designed to facilitate mutual engagement and education between newly emerging communities as they settle.
All of the workers are highly committed-many of whom arrived as migrants or refugees themselves.