Bringing people together.


Townsville Multicultural Support Group Inc. (TMSG) is a not-for-profit organisation that is subcontracted by Multicultural Australia Ltd to welcome people who arrive through the Australian Government Humanitarian Program and people who arrive as migrants to Townsville and surrounds. People who arrive as refugees and migrants are keen to embrace and contribute to Australia, and bring hope, skills, ambition and resilience. Our teams support them in three key ways:

  • The Welcome team ensures a friendly, culturally appropriate welcome and ensures smooth management of finance and administration.

  • The Settlement team supports refugees and migrants in their initial settlement, with access to major community services and access to education, employment, recreational support through information and referral for the first five years of being in Australia. 

  • The Community Engagement team delivers programs in partnership with other community services designed to facilitate mutual engagement and education between newly emerging communities as they settle.


TMSG commits to bringing together people of diverse backgrounds working in a spirit of friendship and to addressing needs through greater participation in as well as contribution to a better quality of life for our multicultural society.

And in grateful and humble acknowledgement to their rich traditional culture, history and faithful custodianship of the land, TMSG commits to building strong relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their organisations for equal participation of their communities in the Australian community.


TMSG is committed to bringing together people of different cultural backgrounds working in a spirit of friendship.


  • TMSG programs reach people and communities to support individual and family journeys

  • TMSG staff develop knowledge and potential

  • The Organisation builds high quality and sustainable options for the future


TMSG has a diverse and experienced team who offer practical support to people of all backgrounds.  More than half of the team have completed a Bachelor’s degree or higher and 87 per cent of our staff come from a migrant or refugee background themselves. As a result the team has a great range of skills and knowledge to share, along with speaking many different languages including Arabic, Bemba, Burmese, French, Korean, Kinyamulenge, Kinyarwandan, Kirundi, Lingala, Mandarin, Nepali, Portuguese, Somali, Swahili, Tagalog, Vietnamese and more!


TMSG is managed by a committee that is elected at an Annual General Meeting. The committee meets on a regular basis to discuss, consider and decide many issues concerning settlement and the organisation.

2018-2019 Management Committee:

  • President: Rachel Montgomery

  • Vice President: Danni Bruch

  • Secretary: Ann Roebuck

  • Treasurer: Alan Carpenter

  • Members: Linda Davis & Mick McCabe

  • TMSG Manager: Meg Davis

To view the TMSG past presidents click here


TMSG had its origin in the Ethnic Women’s Group in 1990; women from diverse groups were concerned that the practical grassroots needs of refugee and migrant women needed to be met. TMSG became incorporated in 1992 and has always relied on a spirit of volunteerism for its continuity. This trend continues today. 

TMSG receives government funding and community support to enable the organisation to offer a range of programs designed to meet the needs of newly arrived migrants and refugees.


Join the friendly and passionate TMSG membership group and be the first to hear about events and activities. Members are also able to vote at the Annual General Meeting and receive a quarterly electronic newsletter.

The membership fee is $2.00 per year. Anyone interested in becoming a member, please contact us.

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