The services we offer.


Humanitarian Settlement Program

Multicultural Australia Ltd, through its Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP) to settle people arriving under refugee visas, has subcontracted TMSG. The program provides a range of services to people arriving under the scheme including case management, assistance on arrival and securing long-term accommodation, as well as linkage to support services and the community. Humanitarian entrants remain in the program for six to 18 months depending on their needs. Quarterly Local Area Collaborative meetings with other service providers are important in ensuring ongoing community support.

Settlement Engagement and Transition Support

The Settlement Engagement and Transition Support (SETS) program focuses on improving people’s independence, social participation, economic and personal well being, and community connections. SETS has the following government-funded services:

• Youth Work
• Low to medium intensity casework

People accessing SETS include refugees, migrants through family stream or dependents of skilled migrants. SETS focuses on youth and people with low-English proficiency through individual support and group programs.

Multicultural Women’s Group

The Multicultural Women’s Group offers information and social interaction for women, particularly those of non-English speaking backgrounds. Gatherings are held on the fourth Friday of every month from 10am to noon.

Safer Pathways for CALD Women Program

The Safer Pathways for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Women Program explores how understandings of human rights influence settlement in Australia and provides educational opportunities to CALD communities and service providers to support CALD women to improve pathways to safety for women and children in our community.

Community Action for a Multicultural Society

Community Action for a Multicultural Society (CAMS) is a Multicultural Affairs Queensland-funded project which aims to build inclusive communities across Queensland ensuring that all services are welcoming of people from diverse linguistic and cultural origins.


TMSG staff engage in individual advocacy with clients to ensure access to services and equity in understanding their rights and available services.

TMSG staff also engage in systemic advocacy to affect policy changes and to uphold Human Rights through contributions to strategic service networks, peak bodies, community development strategies, through serving on public committees and boards, contributions to research and ongoing participation in forums and public debates.

Small group programs

One-on-one English conversation sessions, sewing and handicraft classes are held regularly each Friday, except the fourth Friday of the month. TMSG collaborates with other local organisations to host regular events including Harmony Day and Refugee Week activities. 

Cultural Conversations

Our skilled and experienced team of Bicultural Support Workers (BSWs) is from more than 16 countries, and speak more than 20 languages. They are available to provide practical language and/or cultural support to your staff and/or clients. We can also arrange guest speakers and cross cultural workshops to suit your needs. Contact us to discuss fees and your requirements.

Volunteer program

TMSG offers a range of opportunities for you, your organisation or business to be involved through donating your time, energy and skills. The contribution of volunteers is vital to TMSG. We recognise the reciprocal nature of volunteering and are committed to providing an experience that:

  • Supports the work of TMSG, and

  • Meets the needs and expectations of individual volunteers

Refugee and Immigration Legal Service

TMSG cannot provide immigration advice as we are not an accredited migration agency.

The Refugee and Immigration Legal Service (RAILS) provide free legal assistance in immigration and refugee cases to people in need. RAILS visits TMSG bi-monthly to hold individual appointments for people who have come to Australia under the Humanitarian Program and need assistance with family reunion. Contact TMSG for more information and to request an appointment. 

Students and trainees

TMSG links with local, national and international universities, schools and training organisations to provide industry experience and support the development of professional and practical skills. 

TMSG Resources

TMSG meeting rooms are available for use by groups and community organisations during business hours to deliver information sessions on topics important to settlement. Contact us for more information

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