Meg Davis has shared a family favourite recipes for PANCAKES (NOTE: They are extra sweet when shared with loved ones!)

'Auntie June's recipe book' has been the medium for informing and retaining the memory of my sister June for the last thirty-four years. The Schauer Australian Cookery book was printed in 1962 and was the principal source of her learning in high school and through her teaching career as a Domestic Science Teacher.

The book is replete with her handwritten notes and recipe additions and has been repaired numerous times. The basic pancake recipe is one of many used regularly throughout my daughter's childhoods and with my grandchildren. Pancakes on a Sunday morning were and are a regular event at family gatherings and I recall occasions when a huge stack of pancakes drizzled with choices of honey/ cream/ ice cream / yoghurt and diced fruit, served as a birthday cake.

Melt 1 ounce butter (30 grams) with one cup of plain flour in a basin. Stir in one pint ¾ pint (350 mls) of milk and make a smooth batter. Beat 2 eggs for 10 minutes and add to the other ingredients, beating all together for 15 minutes more. The mixture should be well stirred as the quantity for each pancake is taken out.

Grease a heavy pan well, and when quite hot pour in the mixture, allowing ¼ cup for each pancake, cook to a golden brown, and turn very lightly and quickly; cook on the other side, turn onto waxen paper and drain; sprinkle with lemon and sugar; fold over or stack.

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